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About Us

The mission of The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Berkshire County, a community based, non-profit organization, is to support, educate and advocate for all those in Berkshire County whose lives are affected by mental illnesses. NAMI Berkshire County is comprised of family members and friends who realized that they needed assistance and support to get through this unfamiliar territory.

Like you, we didn’t always know where to turn to get the answers that we needed. NAMI Berkshire County helps to provide the resources and guidance to start getting those answers, and can help make the connections with what you can do to best help your loved one and yourself.

3We assist children, adults and families with mental health questions by accessing resources and services that promote understanding and recovery. That may mean referrals to the local agencies, support groups and classes for family members and caregivers of individuals living with mental illnesses. We believe that with treatment recovery is possible and that families are a major source of support for the individual in their recovery and quality of life.

NAMI Berkshire County provides information, referrals, classes, workshops, support groups, and advocacy to family members and caregivers of people living with mental illnesses. Following are some comments from participants.

“NAMI BC’s education programs are a life changing experience.”

“I finally get it; mental illnesses are medical issues and not my fault!”

“NAMI Berkshire County helped me build confidence in the healing process. I have the courage to face whatever comes with their support.”

“Details on how to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment options really opened my eyes to the possibilities. My kid has rights. Now I have hope.”

Mental illnesses impact the lives of at least 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 10 children – or 60 million Americans – many of those are our families, friends, and neighbors here in Berkshire County.

We understand, we care, and we can help you change your life. We encourage you to peruse our website and like us on Facebook to keep current with all that we have to offer.   facebook.original

For additional information, comments or concerns, contact us at 413-443-1666 or namibc@namibc.org. All inquiries are confidential, and there is no charge for the assistance you receive.